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Create a rhodecode gist directly from CLI

With your rhodecode installation comes a nice gist tool that allows you to share and edit code snippets (just like the well known gist from github). Less known but very very handy is its client-side counterpart, aka the rhodecode-gist command that allows you to pipe the output of any shell script directly into a new gist, easing things like:
cat|rhodecode-gist --private
for quick sharing, or
for sharing a trace with developers.

Installing rhodecode-gist

Sadly, rhodecode-gist is bundled with rhodecode-tools that isn’t (yet) available on pypi. Instead you’ll have to fetch it from the official website:
pip install

Configuring rhodecode-gist


You need to generate an API Key, just login to your rhodecode account, User → My account → API keys
Copy the new API Key.


Simply run
rhodecode-gist --apikey={above key} --apihost=http://{url to your RC installation} --save-config

And that’s all, now you can use the above commands! As optional parameters, you can also specify the gist visibility (public/private), set a filename/description and specify the lifetime, the command should return a json string containing your brand new gist URL.

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